Friday, January 19, 2007

BrazMin Corp.

The BVI company changed its name to Talon Metals Corporation.

Industry: Mining

Main business locations: Brazil

Registered Office:
Geneva Place 2nd Floor, 333 Waterfront Drive
Wickham's Cay Road Town,
Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Listed on: Toronto Stock Exchange
Ticker: BZM

Financial highlights:
Total Assets: (2005) CAD 10,710,992
Shareholder’s equity: CAD 13,399,767
Net loss: (2005) CAD 2,858,147
(the company currently invests in exploration)

Auditors: Zeifman & Company LLP

About the BVI company:

BrazMin is engaged in the search for and acquisition, exploration and development of high-quality mineral, especially gold exploration properties, mainly in Brazil. The company explores several gold exploration projects, three of them are in the Tapajós Gold District - one of Brazil's richest gold areas, with a history of artisanal and conventional mining.

Currently the main focus of BrazMin is the São Jorge Gold Project within the Tapajós Gold District. This is BrazMin's 100%-owned advanced-stage exploration project covering approximately 57,420 hectares in western Pará State. Mineral rights are held by BrazMin's wholly-owned subsidiary Brazilian Resources Mineração Ltda.

Other important gold exploration properties in other mineral-rich states within Brazil are Água Branca Project in the Tapajós Gold District, the Rio Maria Project, the Serrita Gold Project, the Campo Grande Project and Tartarugalzinho ("Little Turtle") Project.

BrazMin is managed by a highly experienced and professional team with a solid background in financing, exploration and development of major mining projects.

BrazMin was listed on the TSX (“BZM”) in April, 2005.

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