Monday, December 18, 2006

The Paradigm Fund

Industry: Financial Services -> Investment Services

Main business locations: Europe, North America, Far East, New Zealand, Japan

Registered Office:
Paradigm Fund Ltd.
Sea Meadow House
Blackbourne Highway
(P.O. Box 116)
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

Incorporation year: 1998

Bankers: The Royal Bank of Scotland, Isle of Man

Auditors: KPMG

Legal Advisors on BVI law:
Harney, Westwood & Riegels LLP
3RD Floor, 7 Ludgatge Broadway
London EC4V 6DX

About the BVI company:

The BVI incorporated Paradigm Fund Ltd. is investing only with funds which have been identified as having developed a sophisticated, risk-controlled investment strategy, and have shown the consistent positive performance. The Paradigm Fund accesses management capabilities available to institutions with high minimum investments required.

At the moment the company has over 12 funds in the portfolio with over 70 investments. The main points of investment strategy of the Paradigm Fund are principal focusing on a portfolio of complementary fund of fund investment managers, including a small portion of selected and monitored individual managed funds, diversifying portfolio across maximum alternative strategies, maximizing risk-adjusted total returns while maintaining long-term capital appreciation.

The main objective of the Paradigm Fund is to produce a net annual return of 10% to 15% with a maximum volatility of 6%. The fund's return objective can be achieved in both bull and bear market environments and should show lower levels of correlation with major stock & fixed income indices. The fund is investing in various alternative funds with excellent management ability and consistent performance.

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