Monday, December 25, 2006

800Pay Limited

Industry: E-commerce solutions

Main business locations: Global

Registered Office:
Trident Chambers,
P.O. Box 146,
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

Incorporation year: 2004

800Pay Limited is a company established in the British Virgin Islands on January 2004, providing advanced payment solution services to e-commerce enterprises. The company is affiliated with major worldwide companies, assisting clients to develop their businesses, providing the end users with a full range of payment solutions. End-to-end financial services include online transaction processing and payments, detection and prevention of fraud, reconciliations and monitoring of transactions.

800Pay offers an extensive and dynamic range of payments solutions to meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace. These services are offered for highly competitive rates and include processing for credit cards and local debit cards, instant multi-payment solution processing channels, e-cash and ACH processing, multi-currency support, advanced fraud detection services, state-of-the-art data verification, chargeback prevention and handling, protected servers to prevent unauthorized access.

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