Friday, December 22, 2006

Eastern Property Holdings Ltd

Industry (Profile): Real estate

Main business locations: Russia, the CIS countries

Registered Office:
PO Box 3161,
Road Town, Tortola,
British Virgin Islands

Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Listed on:
SWX Swiss Exchange
Swiss Security Number: 1673866
Ticker: EPH

Eastern Property Holdings Ltd is a Swiss-listed BVI company engaged in activities with investments in real estate, development of real estate and other real estate transactions. The company is primarily focusing on real estate objects in Russia and the CIS countries. The company has the objective to invest directly or through subsidiaries in real estate in Russia and other CIS countries, in the existing property and development projects. Eastern Property also purchases participation in other companies with real estate related activities, provides real estate financing, real estate management, sale and lease back of real estate, and enters into financial transactions related to real estate. The company portfolio includes Berlin House (Moscow), Petrovsky Fort (St. Petersburg), Hypercenter Investment SA (Moscow), etc.

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