Tuesday, June 12, 2007

UTV International Holdings Limited

The BVI holding company; subsidiary of UTV Software Communications Ltd.

Industry: Software Development

Main business locations: India, UK, USA

Registered Address:
Craigmuir Chambers,
PO Box 71, Road Town,
Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Parent company listed on: NYSE

About the parent company:

UTV Software Communications Ltd. is Media & Entertainment Company located in India, with strong positions in 4 areas that include Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, TV Content and New Media (i.e. Animation and Gaming). The company has subsidiaries with offices across India, the UK and USA.

UTV Software Communications Ltd. has strategic relationships with 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney and Sony Pictures. The Company has large 3D Animated facilities located in Mumbai.

UTV Software Communications Ltd. is listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. The main company's subsidiaries are:
  • United Entertainment Solutions Ltd., a company incorporated in 1997. Main business is post-production and SFX;
  • UTV Communications (USA) LLC, incorporated in 2004. The company is working in the US market, in the areas of picture distribution, international co-productions, joint ventures in animation;
  • UTV Communications (UK) Ltd., set up in 2004. The company's primary activity is the film distribution business in the UK;
  • UTV Communication (Mauritius) Ltd. The company is set up in 2004, and its core business is film distribution in all parts of the world barring the US and UK.
Added: In 2006 UTV Software Communications Ltd. has sold its BVI holding company together with holding owned Antah UTV Multimedia & Communications SDN BHD to Media Footing SDN BHD.

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