Saturday, July 6, 2013

Premier African Minerals Limited

Industry: Mining

Main business locations: Africa

Incorporation year: 2007

Registered Address: 
Craigmuir Chambers
P.O. Box 71
Road Town
Tortola VG 1110
British Virgin Islands

Listed on: AIM
Ticker: PREM.L

Financial highlights (Year 2012):
Total assets: US$8,470,157
Share capital: US$11,006,728

About the BVI company:

Premier African Minerals Limited was established to acquire and develop mineral properties across Africa, especially in West and Southern Africa. The Company works with a wide range of natural resources including tungsten, phosphates, lithium and tantalum, rare earth elements and clays. Company’s main exploration sites currently are located at RHA, Zulu and Katete in Zimbabwe.

Premier African Minerals has offices in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Togo,  and support services in the South Africa.

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