Friday, August 10, 2012

FracRock International, Inc.

Industry: Mining, Energy and Environment

Main business locations: South America, worldwide

Incorporation date: December, 2011

About the BVI company:

FracRock International, Inc. is an oilfield service and technology company, incorporated under the British Virgin Islands law and focused on delivering, through the company’s unique EcoFrac Solutions, the latest well stimulation and completion technologies to international unconventional markets. Currently the BVI company is establishing business activities in Brazil, Argentina, Poland, France and Germany.

FracRock International has a team of industry professionals, including key executives with a particular emphasis on geophysics, completion tools, specialized green fluids and hydraulic fracturing business, which is the fastest growing industry in the sector of oilfield services.

The company is oriented to locally procure and assemble many of the components of its hydraulic fracturing units; mine, process and transport a majority of its proppants; and formulate part of the chemicals intended to be used in the operations. Also, the company will maintain an active R&D program to deliver the most environmentally friendly hydraulic fracturing solutions in the industry.

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