Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Athlone Global Security Inc.

Industry: Financial Services

Main business locations: Israel, North America

Financials (June 30, 2009):
Cash and cash equivalents: US$7,030,603
Investments in HLS companies: USD$14,396,000.

About the BVI company:

Athlone Global Security Inc. is an investment company focused on companies that specialize in the development and distribution of Homeland Security (HLS) solutions. AGS is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and has its main offices in the USA and Middle East (Israel). AGS investments concentrate on early-stage, private-sector HLS technologies.

AGS is engaged in the acquisition of technologiaclly oriented private HLS companies developing products for which there is great demand in the market in connection with the global war on terrorism.

AGS has a strong team and infrastructure in Tel Aviv and is focusing on ivestment opportunities in Israel, which is an attractive source of emerging HLS technologies for North American and European markets.

The products included in the AGS Group portfolio include the main branches of homeland security - protection of critical infrastructure, prevention of unauthorized access, threat detection and information security.

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