Friday, May 8, 2009

Walcom Group Limited

Industry: Manufacturing

Main business locations: China, Thailand, Philippines

Registered office:
P.O. Box 957 Offshore Incorporations
Centre Tortola
Road Town
British Virgin Islands

Listed on: London's Alternative Market (AIM)
Ticker: WALG

Financial highlights (2008):
Gross profit: HK$14,707,269
Turnover: HK$26,027'000
Revenue: HK$26,027,300
Cash and cash equivalents: HK$8,328,032
Total assets: HK$24,490,407
Share capital: HK$688,344
Total equity: HK$18,768,464

About the BVI company:

Walcom Group Limited is an investment holding company, along with its subsidiaries, actively engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of chemical feed and additive products for animals. The BVI company operates mainly in Hong Kong and the PRC. Walcom's headquarters is located in Shanghai, China, with research and manufacturing facilities. Company is operating through its subsidiaries Walcom International, which is engaged in investment holding, Shanghai Walcom Bio-Chem Co., Ltd., engaged in manufacturing of chemical feed and additive products; Walcom Bio-Chemicals Industrial Limited, engaged in investment holding and trading of chemical feed and additive products, and Walcom Nutritions International Limited, which is engaged in investment holding.

The business area of Walcom covers research, production, sales and markets of physiological regulation products and provides of animal sciences solutions to customers. Products developed by Walcom possess the autonomous and innovative proprietary Walstrong TM technology, which has been filed 83 patents worldwide. The Walstrong product series are commercialized in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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