Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FUQI International Holdings Corporation, Ltd.

Industry: Consumer Goods and Services

Main business locations: China

Registered Office:
British Virgin Islands

Listed on:

Ticker: FUQI

Financial highlights 2007 (for parent company FUQI International, Inc.):

Net sales: $145,559,000
Gross profit:: $16,514,000
Income from operations: $12,490,000
Net income: $13,516,000
Earnings per share (basic): $0.96
Earnings per share (diluted): $0.86
Total assets: $122,715,000
Total liabilities: $25,455,000
Total stockholder's equity: $97,260,000

Auditors: Stonefield Josephson, Inc.

About the BVI Company:

FUQI International Holdings Co., Ltd. is a British Virgin Islands (FUQI BVI) corporation being a subsidiary of FUQI International, Inc., publicly listed in NASDAQ and reincorporated in the state of Delaware by terms of reverse merger transaction in 2001. The BVI corporation, in its turn, is a 100% owner of China-based Shenzhen Fuqi Jewelry Co., Ltd., a company which was established in 2001 and is one of the leading designers of high quality precious jewelry in China, developing, promoting and selling a wide range of products to the Chinese market of luxury goods. The products of the company make of a range of uniquely formed styles and designs made from precious metals such as platinum, gold and Karat gold, diamonds and other gemstones.

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