Monday, January 14, 2008

China Natural Resources Inc.

Industry: Mining

Main business locations: China

Registered Office:
Sea Meadow House,
Blackburne Highway,
P.O. Box 116,
Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Date of Incorporation: December 14, 1993

Listed on: NASDAQ
Ticker: CHNR

Financial highlights (thousands Rmb):
Net sales (2006): 145,389
Net income (2006): 72,548
Total Assets (2006): 180,765
Current assets (2006): 143,330
Shareholder’s equity (2006): 130,531

Auditors: GHP Horwath P.C.

BVI subsidiaries:
Silver Moon Technologies Limited (incorporated in the British Virgin Islands on March 24, 2000)
Sunwide Capital Limited (incorporated in the British Virgin Islands on January 22, 2001)
Feishang Mining Holdings Limited (incorporated in the British Virgin Islands on September 2004)

About the BVI company:

BVI-registered and Hong Kong-based China Natural Resources Inc. (CNRI) is one of important natural resources development companies operating in China. The company receives most of its earnings from the sale of zinc and iron.

Being incorporated on December 1993, in 2004 China Natural Resources merged with Nevada-based China Resources, which was founded in 1986 (the "Re-domicile Merger"). CNRI has succeeded all the rights and obligations of China Resources under the existing agreements and relationships.

Prior to the Re-domicile Merger, the Company's common shares were traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol “CHRB”. Following the Re-domicile Merger, the trading symbol was changed to “CHNR”.

Also, in 2006 CHNR acquired all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Feishang Mining Holdings Limited (FMH) from its former owner, - the British Virgin Islands company Feishang Group Limited.

FMH was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in September 2004. FMH is the beneficial owner of 100% of the capital stock of Chinese company Wuhu Feishang Mining Development Co. Limited. All the operations of FMH are conducted through Wuhu.

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