Sunday, July 8, 2007

Peeker Investment Group Ltd.

BVI corporation is an investment vehicle for Peeker Group. The following information is about whole Peeker Group and Peeker Investment Group (BVI) Ltd.

Industry: Future technologies

Main markets: Worldwide

Registered address:
Drake Chamber,
Commonwealth Trust Limited
PO Box 3321,
Road Town
British Virgin Islands

Registration number: 536774

About the BVI company and Peeker Group:

Peeker Investments Group Limited is a privately held investment company focused on technology acquisition, investments in manufacturing and development of power plants in Europe. PI Group UK provides also venture capital funding for new technology companies, in the field of clean power and energy trading.

Peeker Investments Group provides a platform for PAESI (Peeker-Atomic Energy Systems Inc), to increase its manufacturing and distribution of clean electrical power in Europe.

Along with Nevada-based Peeker Corporation, PI Group is part of Peeker Group of companies, - the group of specialists in renewable energy and plasma propulsion systems.

Peeker Investments Group is pursuing an acquisition strategy to increase its manufacturing and service capability for its existing and new technology products in the field of power generation and delivery, networking, and transportation. The Company is looking for adequate targets in the US, Eastern Europe, UK, India, Japan and China.

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